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Don't forget to ask for rental documents

Miss Wang rented a House recently, she depressed to rent things-July's rent to the landlord when she is clearly in June, but the landlord has contended, had received the money and asked her again, or moving out, Miss Wang hopes to help get a statement.

"I and the landlord agreed that the 6th of each month to pay the rent, but since the June economic tensions, I dragged a couple of days, until June 19 to pay the rent. "Miss Wang said, think July is going to pay the rent, to save trouble, she would sigh of relief two months ' rent in June and July. At that time, she has receipts to the landlord, but they refused on grounds of forfeiture according to.

on July 6, the rent of the landlord to charge Wang July, Miss Wang is angry, flatly refused to pay. 6th, the landlord again asked Wang filled July's rent or we'll get her to move out.

Zhejiang yufeng Ye Shuirong Deputy Director of the law firm lawyers made it clear that, if Miss Wong said the case, landlord's alleged offence. "House of the lessee to the lessor is entitled to request an invoice, the lessor may not refuse, otherwise, the lessee can complain to associations and other related departments. "The lawyers said, the landlord to rent housing, you must register with the real estate sector and the related formalities, obtain a lease permit, before leasing housing. Therefore, the need to rent the consumer prior to the rental, recommends a review of whether the landlord business licensing license, because only a complete license of the landlord, to invoicing. Take a step back and say, if the landlord cannot be invoiced, tenants don't forget to ask for receipts, proof of this is important to protect themselves.

Meanwhile, consumers at the time of rental, right to ask the landlord a written agreement. In this way, once the landlord's default behavior, this agreement is to maintain one's own ...

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