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To identify authenticity moving company

in addition to the relevant departments to intensify supervision of fake moving company, a consumer is also important to improve the protection of their legitimate interests. Thus, moving Transport Committee of road transportation Association two Director reminds consumers that in selecting moving companies keep an eye out and carefully discern which is true or false.

first: what a company does not send advertisements

24 star moving companies in Shanghai are not allowed in mailbox, newspaper dissemination, posting small ads and coupons, and the roadside, once consumers receive these ads, please do note that these are fake company propaganda.

the second measure: charge bargaining

moving companies handling fees in accordance with the uniform provisions in Shanghai, not free to bargain, and no rebate. Consumers must not be those fake company coupons.

the third move: van Orange head

at present, the moving company van and all with Orange head, all other colors of the moving van is fake.

fourth: the captains set uniforms

moving companies in workers with company uniforms, and now each set up a moving truck drivers, bus captains are responsible for contact with customers, other workers opening and customer contact. Movers not smoking customers, drinking tea, ask for other items, such as


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