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Moving, I had a very deep feeling

so years, from a city stray to another city, from a national migration to another national, each a times, are to put had of life folding up, roots up; each a times, are is from old of days in stripping, expectations with a new of began; actually himself also has cannot calculation what moved had how many times home, and Dang familiar I of friends, received a strange of number in sounded I of voice, also has surprised, know I, just and to has a strange of place, began has and a journey.

I think the former, I must be growing in nomadic is the Wanderer on the Earth, or, I used to be a Knight, used to the rebels, and drift of the world for a living. Even in this life, blood also has a past-life memories, innate restlessness, moved every six months at a time, for every year a city to live in, so moving, almost became the norm in my life. Packing tape, woven bags, cardboard boxes are my standing, careful collection after each move, left shortly after the start.

most simple of moved, 18 age that years, first times see world, so a travel rucksack on accompany I road, in beach of city, a live is two years; most frequently of moved, occurred in China maximum of city-Wuhan, because it of enough big, I had in two years moved had 9 times home, from Hankou most downtown of street, to Wu most beauty of cherry Park, this city, hosted has most beauty most kick of memories; most far of once moved, from China moved to New Zealand, Hong Kong Airport provides luggage cannot over 20 kg, and I, Actually full with has 59 kg, natural is cannot had of, had to in stunned of airport personnel refused to has this huge of two a box Hou handle random checked; most mighty of once moved, is from TAURANGA moved to AUCKLAND, results use has two car car, roundtrip 6 hours, toss has two times only moved finished; most short of once moved, 20 minutes walk of distance, a a species full smoked clothing grass of window, into can see sea of balcony; most not homes of once moved, from New Zealand moved back China, Fear himself has little hesitated, two week within, solution has all of procedures, return House, years acquisition of furniture supplies, books, clothing, sold of sold sent of sent, last, car open to airport, left friends, no back, fear a back, on without here; most unexpected of moved, Guangzhou, has never didn't like had this city of, is always to has and to, to and return......


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