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Pregnant woman move of folk taboo

pregnancy early best don't moved, because tire God daily are in different of azimuth, if casually moved easy effect fetal; if has moved of necessary, can according to birthday horoscopes control Almanac optional day, whether should not be moved  ?  If to moved, to see tire God of location in where, as don't injury to pregnant women, and avoidance duck day tire God of azimuth, also can buy a put new of broom, in handle and head junction tied a red cloth, sweep a sweep moved company Shanghai.    

2. hands above her shoulders or easy to abortion can not be?    

differently depending on the individual's physical condition, if habitual abortion in the family, it is necessary to be careful. If physical weak, you can consult a physician, medical self-care, strengthen the addition or for some anti-abortion letter provides more protection, invisible genital warts. Remind the expectant mother, while believing in God but not too superstitious Oh!    

3. not taking pregnancy shoulder?    

heard folk say, people have three fires, the largest one in the head, two small fires in the shoulders; if one were suddenly slapped shoulders, did startle, God is not stable. If pregnant women physique and weak in itself, and may not take into account the fetus, mild bleeding occurs, it may cause abortion, so people's attitudes towards pregnant women better watch out, do not irritant or substantial movement rheumatoid arthritis diet.    

4. living room to avoid a flying beast picture?    

as the case may be. If pictures in pregnancy Qian on has put in living room in has, on not need to mobile it, but pregnancy zhihou, best don't casually installed new of pictures, because may will using to nail, fear committed to tire God, if must to frame pictures, recommends also is to optional day see tire God of azimuth, pictures as to text and Feng Shui painting mainly, helps pregnant women relax mood, formed better of prenatal quality.    

5. the envelope to avoid kitchens, toilets can easily lead to noxious gas?    

If not, pregnant women try not to get to the kitchen and returned with a kitchen knife, sharp things, except perhaps inadvertently touching the child God, if accidentally bumping into or so frightened easily Taiqi may result in miscarriage. Toilet is not a noxious gas, depending on the personal hygiene habits, and regular cleaning clothes, ventilation, SOAP, not debris piled on the ground to prevent pregnant women the risk of slipping.    

6. tip round the belly, pregnant women can be seen looking male or female? >> look at Mommy's tummy guess baby sex.    

General argument is that pregnant belly look like oval, egg-shaped, high risk boys and belly, round like a dumpling shape, the girl a chance, this is the accumulation of experience, of course, also has its basis, but not 100% accurate. Customs is in the early stages of pregnancy in pregnant women in the past, family noble (or grandchildren) open the word joy, and to congratulate you on having sons or daughters, give a good sign, but not in the modern society, boys and girls are valued and precious life is, after all, worth treasuring.


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