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End of moved the whole variety of exquisite

    "the weather forecast says there will be rain tomorrow, I can book now moving in time? "Listen to the words at the beginning, you may be confused, it rains why move? But in moving company in the eyes of people, this is only the beginning of ventilation and water customers, many more fastidious customer will move precisely timed down to the minute.

     the day before yesterday, reporters learned from the Dalian shunfa move, because people have "do not move in the first month of" customs, plus new year want to live the new psychological, as well as mass evictions in the city last year, commercial housing, housing market activity and other reasons, resulting in the moving tide comes before the Spring Festival this year, "savage". Shun FA moving company Manager Yin Yishan told reporters: "the move at least 20 a day on average, many customers are 5, 6 days in advance telephone booking. ”

     why do I need several days in advance reservation? Yin Yi shan said with a smile, most are "good people." His 19-year career Yin Yi mountain feeling, Dalian has moved more and more about Feng Shui, they always encounter strange request to customers. For example: 15 or 15 days to move at the beginning of the lunar calendar fewer people because some superstitious junior was a ghost out to lunch day, XV was a ghost out to dinner time. In contrast, Lunar three, six or nine days were always booked up early. "On rainy days like today, is that many people wanted to do. People pay attention to the South before ' Sasa ' could bring money, now the North pursue such a scarce commodity. ”

     close to the Spring Festival, many moving company workers return home for the new year, making moving market booming. Although the market is tight, but the customer requirements without reducing. "This morning that customers ask us to 9:08 began to move, we had to before nine o'clock arrived, wait until the time to start moving. There's family lived in the Fairview community customer requirements we started at 9 o'clock in the evening to move ... ... In order to be able to meet the requirements of customers, we even have a 4 o'clock in the morning to move the record. "Sometimes, customers select time to be weird, moving companies and community security are very wary of meeting the thief color handling. In addition, customers often ironically, some of the issues raised, such as: customer will deliberately ask Porter of the Zodiac, and House master and mistress Zodiac Porter, refuses to use tiger's Porter, on the grounds that the tiger who moved home apt thief.

     who are particular about Feng Shui? The answer is two extremes, a business owner, most of the merchants in the South; another is that ordinary people, and that is the kind of grass-roots from less privileged families. With members of the industry point of view, sometimes, pay attention to the most grassroots-loading transport of goods often were not worth the fare. "Obviously, particular about Feng Shui does not necessarily bring money in, is only a placebo. ”


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