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Foreigners talk about data center relocation

in past of two years in, I found data center relocation of needs increasingly more, is expected to future number annual has been continued this trend, because IT system of sharply growth led to early construction of data center was forced to ahead of retired, I this two years see relocation of data center most served has 10 years, a typical of commercial building planning using life also on 20, and today of equipment power density in 7-10 years Qian is unthinkable of, some analysts forecast yihou single frame of power will over 40kW, Unless your data center has been able to achieve that kind of request, or in a few years would be forced to relocate your data center.

data center move is a high-risk operation, the planning phase, the fine work done, the less practical implementation problems encountered, the stakes are lower.

from began planning to relocation finished are need mobilization collective of power, to know everyone are and this related, play collective of wisdom to will things do, while should established a by enterprise led and the sector business backbone composition of relocation Committee, regularly held meeting, announced latest progress, deployment next work plans, coordination various resources, let relocation work in a ordered organization of environment Xia smooth carried out, relocation success of opportunities only will more big.


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