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Artificial rent rises in oil prices moving company-free moving

"the company, everyone came out, bricklayers, construction workers have done. "The Hunan-born Xiao Zhao was working in a moving company in the yuexiu district, but last month the company out of business, more than 20 people can only find other ways out. Xiao Zhao describes, from the boss of the company to the porters are the villagers of changde, Hunan, in 2003 the company received the first business, and business has been good.

"in March this year, we all feel fewer people move house. "Companies started to appear for two or three days they had not received a single case in April this year, the company defaulted salary of 800 yuan per person. As partners to directly tell you: "no business, cash flow was a little difficult. "In May, the company returned in Dongfeng Road Office. Last week, the company simply log off to close the business sector.

reporters learned that Guangzhou business moving company and House more than narrative. According to Commerce Department statistics, many small and medium sized moving company write-off closing situations do occur. Industry sources, currently operating in Guangzhou, difficult to move more than half of the company.

artificial oil rents are three mountains

it is understood that the Guangzhou moving companies movers generally take "basic salary + bonus" payment of wages. Move if it is "little Chamber" levels, removal of more than 200 Yuan, but according to floor level and large number of calculations, final removal of 300~400 Yuan. "Little Court" and 3 movers, after the company cut 40%-60%, the rest is allocated to the movers. In this way, each movers get paid on 40~50 Yuan. Plus the base salary, moving workers ' monthly income is around 2000.

"climb one floor, an average of 1. "A moving company movers, Tianhe district, Chang told reporters that company from May gradually increase the" Commission ", from 40% to six or seven, so that" hard money "more and more modest. Contacted the company's boss, Zhang Yuan, did not think the other directly represents: "no way, multi point is for the company to continue to hang in there, everyone. ”

"the price is too high, the company has just sold an 8-ton truck. "Zhang Yuan told reporters that oil accounted for about moving the business 30%, the rise in oil prices resulting in a total cost of 10%. Earlier this year, due to not hire the movers, the company will increase in basic salary of 550 Yuan to 700 Yuan per month, companies are required to pay more than more than 30 workers now total more than 20,000 yuan a month. "Tianhe rental prices this year, but cannot fail to rent, no office space business has to be found, consumers also doubt we were the black company. "" After the implementation of new labor laws, many of which are standardized, such as shopping in a variety of social security for workers. "Zhang Yuan complained that labor, prices and rents rising, moving to Guangzhou to increase the cost of 30%.

moving business less strange prices are too expensive

"the prices are too expensive, people are not willing to buy a House. "According to some moving companies business statistics, in the past two months to move business dropped by about 30%. Mr WONG Siu-yee, head of a moving company in liwan district told reporters, Lai Wan before the old town including the Feng Yuan lu, liwan road, many residents move will find them, but now moved from old town, apparently a lot. Another moving company owners also agree with what Mr WONG Siu-yee, "everybody thought House prices would drop, on the sidelines, where people are willing to move. ”

"Trike move" grab the market

"VW has me three times, I don't want to go! "Henan Li live near the Dade road on Porter, a few years ago Volkswagen when the movers went to look for him three times, earned 30 yuan per day, he pushed away. "I go it alone than this value. "He said, and now everyone knows not to do moving companies. "We can Trike into alleys, home. And moving companies to oil money we don't have, is earning his money into his bag. ”

"a 30-yuan, good monthly income of more than 2000 Yuan. "The reporter has learned, such as Lee Porter in Guangzhou, a growing number of individuals and took many moving companies market share. Lin he road, Tianhe district, Zhongshan Liu Lu, yuexiu district, near, reporters saw many cards saying "move" smart tricycle parked in the vicinity of residential areas.

Guangzhou's moving company really did not want it? Moving companies business diversification and meticulous service is moving the company out of trouble way out. Engaged in transport logistics Dragon said, now, moving companies face a major dilemma because the service was simple, just handling things only from movers who cut this business model could not withstand the pressures of rising costs, move should develop more value-added services, such as, installation, moisture proofing treatment


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