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Long-distance transport

Long-distance transport


1. Personal baggage shipping, student computer books shipping, long short-distance moves, across provinces and cities move in different places, professional handling the piano;  2. Professional package shipping, packaging, furniture sofa Office desk packaging, packaging of personal belongings, furniture Assembly package, professional switched wardrobes; 3. Enterprises of massive relocation, moving Office, moving machinery, hoisting large equipment, heavy equipment, and shift 4. Small moves, in the city of Guangzhou City's short, store delivery, call receiving business, city passes, 5. Available in various sizes of cardboard boxes, litter bins, tote boxes, custom cases and racks in various sizes, 6. Standard warehouse provides warehouse logistics and cargo handling services, short-term deposit of household goods, warehouses can be separately (minimum of 5 square meters ~5000 sq);

service  : 

1. Assembling and disassembling furniture-hardware. 2. Air transfer machine-one year warranty. 3. Interior-cleaning after cleaning.

4. Service before moving-rental boxes, provided free containers. 5. Decoration transition props items-furniture store warehouse.

6. Move single worker-indoor moving and difficult removal and loading or unloading. 7. Before guests move-move to bring home packing, moving back the carton clear.

before move:  

a trained long distance moving sales in transportation to your residence before visiting or making telephone calls for more communication, understanding your requirements and concerns, explained to you that the relocation program and from the professional point of view for your suggestions and comments. For the packaging needs of customers, our highly trained and experienced team of packaging will provide all or part of the professional packing of goods. Packaging team will vary depending on the situation, the origin and destination of the channel, as well as customer requirements to provide different levels of packaging, in ensuring the security of goods taking into account the overall handling of the economy, providing a cost-effective packaging services.

moving day:   

a professional, friendly delivery team will arrive at your home, carefully packaging your items for transport and handling process provides the best protection for your goods. We will treat your removal of your goods, we introduced the international relocation services and operation to move in the field of domestic, to provide you with all the long distance moving company in Guangzhou is unable to achieve high quality, high quality service.


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